illereyn (illereyn) wrote,

To Argue or Not To Argue: That is the Question

I'm just wondering what people think about these questions:

You and a member of your close family/friends have an argument.  They're angry at you for having done/not done something, but you don't think you were wrong.  In fact, you're getting rather angry/annoyed at their over-reaction, and a couple of other things they do in their anger.  They are now yelling at you about all the ways they consider you have acted badly.  You are still calm enough to be in control of your reaction/you are usually able to keep a level head in an argument. 

Should you:

A) Acknowledge when you think they've made a point, but disagree when you disagree with them, because you're entitled to a point of view too

B) Acknowledge when you think they've made a point, but keep silent when you disagree with them, because they're not going to listen to an alternate viewpoint when they're angry.

C) Keep silent and let them rant, because there's no point in continuing an argument.

And the second question:

Would your answer to the first question change, if the person who was yelling at you is your parent?

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